Coolest Travel Gadgets of 2015

Tis’ the season to shop! Searching for the perfect travel gadgets for the traveler in your life?  Then you can really narrow down your search here and see all of the amazing compact travel gadgets. Buying the newest tech savvy travel gift just might save your traveler friend some hassles on their next adventure.



Olloclip 4 in 1 Lens– Taking pictures on your travel expeditions is a must. How else are you able to show others your amazing trip? If you have an iPhone, you know that it takes pretty quality photos. But if you want to enhance those photographs even more, try buying the Olloclip 4 in 1 lens. The lens is for the iPhone 6/6s and it attaches right on your phone and it weighs less than 1 ounce! If your traveler loves to take pictures then this is the perfect gift for them.



D-Link’s DIR-510L– This device is a portable router and charger. This is perfect for any kind of traveler that needs to jump online or charge their device while out and about. Nothing is worse than getting bad wifi service, and some travelers need to upload things right away. You are able to share your internet access from your wifi hotspot with devices around you. So if your traveler enjoys fast internet connection on the fly this is definitely the gift for them.



Trakdot Luggage Tracker– Travelers know the hassle of having luggage. Not only is it a pain to carry but more of a pain not to carry, meaning losing your luggage. Luckily for those who are your tech savvy travelers they will have the Takdot Luggage Tracker. This tracker helps travelers locate exactly where their luggage is. If you get the Trakdot app it will automatically alert you when you have landed and that your luggage has landed with you. It will give travelers peace of mind when it comes to their luggage delivery.



ThinOptics Glasses + Phone Case– No more asking, “Where are my glasses?” This fun travel device will help reduce digging through bags looking for your glasses. Most of the time we all have our phones right next to us, with the thin optic glasses + phone case you won’t need to dig around and will always have reading glasses handy. For those travelers who need a little help with their eyesight these are perfect for them!



Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones– Sometimes you just want to escape the sounds of life, or just block out the loud airplane noises! Bose is always known for their brilliant sound systems and headphones. Buy these super comfortable headphones for your traveler and they will thank you!

With these travel gadgets your traveler will be able to have a much easier trip. Since most of the gifts are compact, use them as a stocking stuffer or a work party gift. You might not have a traveler in your life so try this Etsy website and get some fun ideas for presents!