Holiday Work Parties

Holiday work parties… are you excited, or dreading it? As most of us know, holiday work parties can be an awkward experience for some. You are very used to seeing everyone in a work environment and then seeing everyone at an actual social event might make some of us feel tense, awkward or nervous. Some workers can feel the opposite way. A lot of the working world likes to interact outside of work with their co-workers and get excited for the party! Whichever end of the spectrum you are on, we know it will be an enjoyable time, especially if you follow these simple holiday party tips.

Tip 1: Attend

If you are feeling doubtful about going to the holiday soiree, don’t fret. Many people feel doubts about attending the party, but you should definitely go. Your employer cares about you and wants to see that you care about them. Obviously, if you are out of town or have something important going on you won’t be able to go. If you are free and don’t have too much on your plate, make an appearance. This will show that you are thoughtful about your company and those who planned the party will really appreciate it!

Tip 2: Show up on time

The saying, “fashionably late” does not apply here. Make sure to show up in a timely manner. Five to ten minutes late is about the only time frame we would recommend being late. Otherwise, show up on time and enjoy the festivities.

Tip 3: Don’t have the third glass of wine

At most holiday work parties there will be alcohol provided, and mind you it is usually FREE. This is where many people get in trouble. There is nothing worse than drinking too much and not looking or acting like “yourself.” Make sure to limit yourself on the alcohol intake. You ultimately know your limits and can make a pretty good assumption when to stop. Just in case you feel like you have had a little too much or you know it might be a possibility then schedule an exclusive ride with our ExecuCar Service. This will ensure a safe ride home and a fabulous way to show up at the party as well.

Tip 4: Have Fun

Even though for some it might be awkward at times, just have fun. Expect the quiet conversation moments and just go with it and enjoy yourself. Bring your plus one or go by yourself and mingle with your coworkers. Remember that you can take ExecuCar and be safe!