Thanksgiving Dishes: Dos and Don’ts

We all know that around Christmas time, the dreaded fruit cake is bound to show up at, at least one party. But what about Thanksgiving? This year if you are considering putting out some “traditional” dishes, you might want to think twice about a few items.

Let’s start with the safe things to make this year.


Rolls- everyone loves the warm, soft and somewhat doughy rolls all covered in butter. For the most part you are safe with making rolls as long as you don’t burn them.

Mashed Potatoes- It looks like we are staying on the carb trail here. Mashed Potatoes are usually a crowd favorite and as long as they are creamy without chunks, you are safe to bring these to the Thanksgiving dinner table!

Closeup of delicious whole baked sliced ham with fresh strawberries and figs on holiday table.

Meat- Now a days, the meat on the Thanksgiving table has been changing. Many people are not so much of “Turkey Fans.” They don’t dislike it but if people had a choice between a ham or turkey they might be choosing ham this year due to the cheaper prices. But you can’t go wrong with either!


Ambrosia “Salad”- Every time you go to the grocery store you will see this kind of salad behind the glass, which doesn’t always look appetizing. Ambrosia salad recipes are all different but most consist of a variety of fruit (typically pineapple and oranges) mixed with marshmallows, sour cream, coconut, and nuts. The recipe itself doesn’t sound too bad, but let all of that soak together and you will have soggy marshmallows and sour cream separation. Avoid this side dish and try just regular fruit salad!iStock_000011717476_Small

Jellied Cranberry Sauce- Canned Cranberry Sauce is not appeasing to the eye whatsoever. It comes out in one big clump with the can line indents still showing. To be safe it would benefit you and everyone else to make a fresh cranberry sauce because cranberry sauce can be delicious if made correctly! Click here for a scrumptious cranberry sauce recipe.

Of course there are so many choices for your special Thanksgiving! If your family likes ambrosia salad, go ahead and make it! Ultimately it is your Thanksgiving but just in case anyone was questioning their choices, we hope this helps.