Top 10 Christmas Movies To Watch

What do you do to get yourself into the Christmas spirit?  Listen to music, put lights up on your house, maybe play in the snow? Grab a blanket, hot chocolate and your close friends and family this year and enjoy some of these funny and sweet Christmas movies to get more into the holiday spirit!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas- We all know the iconic green, smelly and mean Grinch. Whoville loves to celebrate Christmas, but the Grinch despises the people and the holiday. The Grinch is a character that you will follow throughout the entire movie. Maybe in the end his heart may change or even grow to love Christmas.

Elf- Buddy the Elf is from the North Pole and is on his way to the big land of New York City. Buddy journeys to the city to find his Dad but has some bumps along the way. He made sure to bring along his trusty maple syrup though! Plug this movie in and prepare to laugh until you cry, this is definitely a family favorite!

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation- It looks like we are staying on the comedy trail here with Christmas Vacation! The story follows Clark Griswold and his family with the struggles during the holiday season. With the crazy family members, lousy bosses and scrooge neighbors this movie will never get boring.

The Holiday-  Amanda is a California Hollywood Producer who just discovered her unfaithful boyfriend. Iris is an England working gal who is in love with a man who is about to be married. They met on a house exchange website and want to get away for their holidays. Both women learn many things about themselves when they are on holiday, This romantic comedy is great for a girls night in and pairs well with a nice glass of wine.

It’s a Wonderful Life- The main character, George, wishes he was never born. But when an angel comes down to Earth to grant his wish George starts to see all of the people he has impacted and what would have happened if George wasn’t there. George starts to realize how great his life actually is.

Home Alone- This classic Christmas movie tells the story of little Kevin getting left behind on a family trip. He encounters two robbers and finds his way through tricks and schemes to outsmart them. You have probably seen at least one picture of Kevin holding his face with his mouth wide open because of the burning after shave gel.

Miracle on 34th Street- This story follows a man by the name of Kris Kringle. He fills in for an intoxicated Santa at the Macy’s parade and short after starts appearing as Santa in chain malls all around town. Kris Kringle starts telling everyone that he really is Santa. A law suit was filed for Mr. Kringle’s mental health state. This is a tear-jerking movie, but also a sweet and charming story to sit down and watch this holiday season.

The Nightmare Before Christmas- This movie follows Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king, around in his spooky Halloweentown. He lives in the Halloweentown all year but has gotten tired of the same scaring routine. He wonders off and discovers Christmastown. He studies the different things that go on in the Christmastown and attempts to take over Christmas by capturing Santa and delivering presents to children. Jack soon finds out why he lives in Halloweentown.  This is a classic Tim Burton movie, with many interesting characters.

A Christmas Story- Ralphie must convince his parents, teacher, and Santa that a Red Ryder B.B. gun is the perfect gift for himself. All of them rejected him and now he is on a mission to prove he needs it. The famous quote “You’ll shoot your out,” comes from this classic holiday movie.

The Santa Clause- This movie follows Scott Calvin and his son Charlie through a Christmas Adventure. Scott and Charlie spend a night at the North Pole after finding Santa on their roof. Scott becomes the new Santa but no one except Charlie believes him. Scott’s ex-wife tries taking full custody of Charlie until something magical happens and everyone has the Christmas spirit.

Watch one, two or maybe all ten of these movies for the holidays! If you want comedy, romance or family friendly, they are all here. Tell us which one you liked the most!