When is it Too Early to Play Christmas Music?

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We all know once the Halloween costumes are put away, people are ready to gear up for Christmas. Most of the time stores will have out all of their Christmas decorations right after, or even sometimes before Halloween. It is never too early to plan for Christmas. If you see a gift someone really wants in November, there is nothing wrong with buying it right then and there. If you are throwing a holiday party in the middle of December, there is no issue with you buying your Christmas decorations right after Halloween, it always helps to be prepared!

So if preparing for Christmas early is okay, when is it too early to play Christmas music? There are many people who love Christmas music. They could listen to it all year, in fact, some probably do! There is always the go to radio station in your town that you know plays Christmas music all holiday season long. When do they determine the time to start playing it? A local radio station in Phoenix, decided to get the listeners input on when to play the holiday jingles. The listeners in the city of Phoenix decided on November 17. As soon as the afternoon of November 17th hit, it was holiday music galore!

Sometimes it is hard to get into the holiday spirit in Arizona, when the weather is still 80 degrees… but maybe choosing an early date puts the listeners in more of the spirit. Either way, the radio station did themselves a solid by taking the input of the listeners, because we all know someone would complain if it came on too early or too late. There are many factors that come into play when it comes to Christmas music.

  1. Location– It is tough to get into the holiday season when you live somewhere warm, you sometimes forget what month it is since you can’t tell by the weather. If you live somewhere cold, it is easier to see that the holiday season is in full swing, so maybe they don’t need Christmas music yet.
  2. Dates– Many people find it hard to believe that people will listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. Then there are others who are willing to turn on the tunes right after Halloween, since it is transitioning into winter and winter means Christmas!
  3. Personal Preference– Maybe the date and the weather do not affect you. It just comes down to personal preference, when you’re in the mood. It might be in the middle of November or a week before Christmas, everyone has their own preferences.

There is no denying though; Christmas music is happy, cheery and relevant to the holiday seasons. How would you decide when to play Christmas music? By the weather, date or your own personal preference?