5 Perfect Cities for History Buffs

If you think about, literally every city has history. But some stand out from others – the landmarks, the monuments, the significant buildings and homes… If you’re a history buff who can’t get enough of the good stuff, be sure to include some of these places next time you plan a vacation. Trust us – they’re worth it.

Boston, MASuperShuttle Express in Boston, MA (BOS)Boston, MA (BOS) Beacon Hill is a fascinating, early 19th century neighborhood with narrow streets. The row houses are nearly all in brick in Federal, Victorian and Georgian styles. This National Historic District is exceptionally well-preserved, with well maintained houses, low-traffic streets paved with cobblestones and gas-lit street lighting. An ideal surrounding for the urban romantic.

This shouldn’t be too surprising. Boston is home to some of the most famous Firsts in American history – first public school, first public park, first public library, first subway system… If you’re a history buff and you haven’t yet visited Boston, you’ll have a field day strolling the same streets as some of the major players in the American Revolution. We suggest starting at the Freedom Trail.


Philadelphia, PAIndependence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Ben Franklin, the Liberty Bell, the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, cheesesteak… Philadelphia is home to some of the greatest treasures of our nation. No wonder it used to be our capital city! Although Philly has certainly changed since the 18th century, history buffs will still enjoy everything the city has to offer, whether it’s a period-piece tour through important landmarks, a notable museum, or just a day spent at the park

New Orleans, LA< a href="https://www.supershuttle.com/locations/neworleans-msy/" title="SuperShuttle in New Orleans, LA">iStock_000003522888_Medium
If there’s any neighborhood that transports you more than 100 years back in time, it’s definitely the French Quarter. New Orleans is full of European-style architecture and a rich music culture that wouldn’t be out of place in 1800s France. It’s not hard to walk down the street and get a mini history lesson about the days and characters of yore. But NOLA is also decidedly modern, with all the amenities necessary to have an awesome vacation in 2015 – so book your flight and start collecting beads.

Newport, RI iStock_000029076290_Medium
Rhode Island was the first of the thirteen colonies to declare independence from Britain – they did so on May 4, 1776, a whole two months before the others. The state has managed to preserve its historic origins incredibly well, especially in Newport. There, you can see original Colonial buildings standing side-by-side with modern ones in the Newport Historic District, which covers 250 acres in the city center. If preservation and historic architecture are your jam, Newport won’t disappoint.

Honolulu, HI iStock_000025075577_Medium
Any excuse to go to Hawaii, right? But hear us out! ‘Ionlani Palace was the home of Hawaii’s last two monarchs, King Kalakaua and his sister, Queen Lili’uokalani. It’s the only royal palace in the US. For a more somber historical tour, you can head slightly west of the city to Pearl Harbor, where you can visit the USS Arizona Memorial and the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center.