What is the SuperShuttle Pick-Up Window?

What does my SuperShuttle pick-up time window mean? Whether you book your SuperShuttle ride through the app, website or over the phone, you will automatically receive a 15-minute pick-up window based on your flight time.

What does this mean?

If you have a flight scheduled, let’s say a 5:30 PM departure, your pick-up time frame may be scheduled at 3:00 pm. The 15-minute window is a time-frame that your driver will arrive. For example, if your pick-up time is set for 3:00 pm, don’t worry if your driver doesn’t show up right at 3:00. Your driver may arrive anytime between 3:00 and 3:15 PM, still allowing for plenty of time to get you to the airport prior to your scheduled departure time.

Why does SuperShuttle have a 15-minute pick-up window?

The 15-minute window provides for any ‘road bumps’ within the pick up schedule. If your driver is faced with traffic due to an accident, or the previous pick up was a bit behind, this grants a few extra minutes. Additionally, drivers may arrive a few minutes early at times. To play it safe, we recommend having your travel items ready 15 minutes before your scheduled pick-up time window if possible. This ensures an quick and easy departure for everyone.

How do I change my pick-up time?

If you are served a pick-up that you are not initially pleased with, the option to select an earlier time-frame is available. During the reservation process, simply click on the drop down arrow and it will give you different time slots to choose from.

If you already confirmed your pick up time but would like to change it, go ahead and give our Customer Service a phone call and they can help you find a time that works best for your travel schedule. Happy Trails everyone!