Strolling Down Memory Lane with SuperShuttle

Remember when…

SuperShuttle has been providing airport transportation for over 30 years! This creates many memories for the blue shuttle service and for passengers.

Do you remember how the shared-ride got started? In 1983 a group of friends wanted to go on a ski trip. Of course they packed all of their snow gear and ski equipment, but come to find out the yellow taxi they wanted to take for their airport transportation, couldn’t fit the skis.

Want to know who that yellow taxi driver was? His name is Mitch Rouse and he thought about the concept of SuperShuttle shared-ride, so that all the friends could ride together and the skis could fit in the shuttle. And from there, history was made for SuperShuttle.

Now it is an international brand that is helping all kinds of people with airport transportation.

Did you know? SuperShuttle has over 9 million passengers per year! And it all started with a pair of skis.

Remember when…

In the 90’s, internet was the talk of the town, of course we all remember the old dial-up sound that would destroy our hearing if the phone was turned up too loud. It is pretty simple to book a SuperShuttle now a days with our new app and desktop booking.

In 1999 the first ever website launched but of course has changed a lot since then!

Remember when…

Once the 90’s passed we hit the millennial year! SuperShuttle successfully launched services in many different airports such as Minneapolis, New York, Kansas City, San Diego and more. SuperShuttle continues to expand today.

Remember when…

Throughout the years SuperShuttle has grown worldwide in airport transportation. From airline partnerships to an online presence, SuperShuttle has developed different ways to reach customers and provide them the highest quality of service.

SuperShuttle can be a memorable part of your journey and we wanted to let you know our memories. Thank you for traveling with us!

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