All You Need to Know About the New Contact Driver Feature

Did you know, you are able to contact your SuperShuttle driver directly? A new technology-based feature is now available to all of our travelers. Called, Contact Driver, this feature offers an easier solution to locating and communicating with your driver via SuperShuttle app.

Live in a gated community? If the driver needs the code, you now have the ability to text your driver the gate code ahead of time. Having trouble finding your driver at the airport? Simply call or send a personalized message to your driver and he/she will be able to direct you to where you need to go.

How it Works at the Airport

When you land at the airport, check in for your Shuttle via mobile phone. Once you have checked in for your ride:
• Open the SuperShuttle App (if you haven’t already)
• Click on the Contact Driver Button
• Send a text, or call your driver directly

How it Works from Home or Hotel

When you are going to the airport, you will have a driver assigned to you. All you need to do is open the SuperShuttle app and the contact driver information will be available for you underneath your trips. The driver also has your contact information in case they are having trouble finding your pick-up location.

Contact Driver was released in an effort to help our shuttle operators and customers communicate more effectively. Happy travels!