How to Use the SuperShuttle Self Check-In Feature

Checking in for a flight online gives travelers peace of mind knowing that they have a secure spot on the plane and an easy way to access a boarding pass. What if there was a way to check-in for your ground transportation? Now there is, with SuperShuttle mobile check-in! Mobile check-in offers our travelers the ability to check-in for a ride as soon as the plane lands at the airport. Learn how to use the convenient SuperShuttle check-in feature in these 8 easy steps.

Step 1:

Create a SuperShuttle account if you haven’t already!

Step 2:

Be sure while you are making your account, to opt in to receive text messages. Your check-in notifications will arrive as a text message right when you land. You may also receive an e-mail approximately four hours prior to your flight departure time with the link to use self check-in. SuperShuttle Blog


Step 3:

Book your airport transportation in advance on the SuperShuttle app or online at The booking process is simple and only takes a few easy steps. Just make sure you have your flight information handy and your payment info ready.


Step 4:

When you land at your destination, a text message will arrive to prompt you to check-in for your ride. You may also use the email link if you received this.

Step 5:

Click on the link provided in your text or e-mail message. Options will appear on where you need to be picked up depending on the airport and based on the specific airport terminal. A larger airport may have more options. Select/confirm your pickup location.


Step 6:

Once you have selected your pickup location and have retrieved your luggage, check the box saying you have your luggage and click “Check-In”


Step 7:

You will be assigned a vehicle number and instructions on curbside pickup location will be provided.


Step 8:

Have your confirmation number handy, board your correct numbered vehicle, and you will be off to your desired destination.

SuperShuttle’s self check-in feature lets you skip the line at the airport check-in counter, conveniently displays all information on your phone and offers you a simple, self-guided experience with SuperShuttle.

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