New Non-Stop Shuttles Headed Your Way

SuperShuttle offers non-stop shuttles to and from the airport on a daily basis. In booking the non-stop service, you can expect a slightly different experience than the standard shared-ride option. Both are great choices for any kind of trip.

So what is new about our non-stop shuttles? SuperShuttle has long offered the non-stop option but is now offering lower prices in select cities.

Here is a breakdown of the new features that have been made to the non-stop shuttles.

1-3 passengers non-stop–as low as $44.

This service is ideal for those traveling in smaller groups, but prefer a non-stop shuttle at an affordable price. The rate does not change whether you have one, two or three travelers.

4-10 passengers non-stop–as low as $74.

Larger group travel is easy with the non-stop shuttles, some holding up to 10 passengers in select cities. This new non-stop service provides an affordable option for those traveling in large groups. In some locations shuttles can only hold up to 7 passengers.

These new non-stop features are available in most of our servicing cities. 

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