SuperShuttle: Things You Should Know

You’re probably asking yourself, what is there to know about the iconic blue SuperShuttle van? Or SuperShuttle as a company? The answer is… a ton! SuperShuttle is a well-known brand that is ran by hard working people.


Mitch Rouse, owner of Yellow Cab Los Angeles, was used to taking people to and from the airport. One day his brother-in-law and friends were going on a ski trip. Rouse planned on taking them to the airport, but discovered that the skis did not fit in his yellow cab. Instead of the cab, all of his friends rented a van.

Rouse saw an opportunity and began offering airport rides in bright blue and yellow vans in 1983, exclusively at Los Angeles International Airport. Word got around about the reliable and affordable van service for LAX and there, history was made. Now SuperShuttle is an international growing brand, serving over 40 airports nationwide!


Our drivers are professional, reliable and will make sure you are comfortable in our vans. Each driver has to go through a series of tests before we hire them. They also are required to have a commercial driver’s license credential for driving the public.

Our drivers are easy to identify with their SuperShuttle uniforms and well labeled vans. You do not need to worry about getting a random driver; SuperShuttle drivers are trained and specialized in their field.

Van Standards

Our blue and yellow vans are required to have yearly maintenance and daily cleaning. We want our customers to feel comfortable in our vans, so cleanliness is key. Our crew double checks the interior of the van for seat belt function, any odor issues and overall litter in the van to ensure our riders are in a clean environment.  SuperShuttle drivers take pride in having a clean, comfortable and safe van.

Van Options

SuperShuttle’s number one van choice is our shared-ride service. This is our most affordable option which involves sharing your ride with other airport goers. How does this work? You can book ahead of time online and put in all of your flight information. The shuttle will have a scheduled pick up time for the date of your flight. The van will pick you up at your residence, hotel or landmark and be on its way to the airport. Along the way, the shuttle will stop to pick up the rest of the passengers. If you are the last to be picked up, you will be on your way straight to the airport.

Another option for our passengers is our private non-stop van. You can book your ride online, put in your flight information and the shuttle will be at your pick up destination at the scheduled time. The private van will take you directly to the airport without stopping.

Now you know a little more about SuperShuttle and how we function. We are a professional service ready to provide the best transportation for you and your family. If you want a more luxurious ride to the airport, try ExecuCar, our exclusive car and SUV service that will guarantee a stylish arrival. Book with us now to save 10% on your next ride!

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