How to Get Upgraded to First Class

First Class and Coach

Ever wonder what it would be like to fly first class? Flying coach is the standard choice for passengers, but it works for where you need to go. If you could be upgraded to first class, would you take the opportunity? We would say, of course!

If you’re one of the passengers that has been selected for a first class upgrade, here are some possible reasons why.


You are an airline loyalty program member

If you rack up your miles on one specific airline; you are bound to stand out. They see you as an elite customer and know they don’t want to lose you. If they have an open seat in first or business class, those who are a part of the loyalty program will most likely be chosen first.


You didn’t ask

Word around the street is, that if you ask to be upgraded you will most likely be turned down, even if there is a seat available up front. Airline staff always have their hands full, especially setting up for departure, so if you interrupt their routine and ask to be upgraded in the midst of them getting ready, expect a big “NO.”


You dressed nice and neat

Flyers in first or business class tend to dress nicer than the average traveler. Present yourself as you would for business travel and this may help you stand out. The crew might keep an eye out for an open spot for you.


You were kind

Anywhere you go, if you are kind and show that you appreciate someone’s customer service; you are bound to get some perks. Be nice to your waitress and she might bring you a free dessert. Be kind to the flight crew and ticketing staff and you might be upgraded to first class.


You switched seats

The flight crew is very observant, more than you know. They watch how flyers treat other passengers and crew. If they see you offered to move seats for someone to sit next to their spouse or child, then you have the advantage. The crew takes notice to this and most likely will upgrade you if there are seats available.

Of course in today’s world, airline tickets are pricey and limited. For the most part, first class is commonly booked, but on that lucky occasion you just might snag that open seat. Take these tips and apply them to your next flight.

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