Cold Adventures To Try This Year

Quebec City, Canada “Ice Hotel”


The “Ice Hotel” or the formal name, Hotel de Glace, is literally one of the coldest places you can stay at. The average temperature inside is about 26 degrees Fahrenheit! The hotel offers heated bathrooms and arctic sleeping bags that can keep people warm in freezing cold weather. Each room offers at least one queen size bed. The wood frame is built
into the ice and has a mattress on top, then of course your extra warm sleeping bag. The hotel also offers a chapel where people are able to say “I do” in an ice church.


Hotel de Glace provides an ice bar as well, where you know your drink will never get warm with the ice glasses. The bar also includes  ice seating, table tops and a snow floor. This magical hotel is not open all year; in fact it is only open from January to March. So if you are looking for an icy experience, book your stay at Hotel de Glace! Watch a tour of the hotel Click here to view.

Jigokudani Hot Springs in Nagano Prefecture, Japan

Japanese Snow monkey Macaque in hot spring Onsen Jigokudan Park, Nakano, Japan

If it is cold outside and you are in a bathing suit, where would you be? In a hot spring of course! Jigokudani Hot Springs in Nagano Prefecture, Japan is the home to the famous Jigokudani Monkey Park, where the monkeys get their own exclusive hot springs.


Humans can dip their toes in other hot springs not far down the road from the monkey park. But since you can’t swim in the hot springs with the snow monkeys, you can still visit Jigokudani Monkey Park and see them warm up in the water and learn fun monkey facts! These little guys are used to people being close to them, they definitely have got the art of “posing” down. Watch the snow monkeys Click here to view.

Anchorage Alaska Dog Sledding 

dogs at race with sledge

 Alaska has been known to reach temperatures as low as -80 degrees Fahrenheit according to USA today. So this is definitely a cold place to travel this year! With the fresh powder on the ground, the aroma of the pine trees and the magnificent fresh crisp air, who wouldn’t want to travel here?

View from the dog sled

At Salmon Berry Tours in Anchorage, Alaska, you can take a dog sledding tour along with snow adventures. At the end your day, a nice cup of hot chocolate will be waiting for you! The tours typically last about four hours and it is a family friendly adventure as well. Try to get a good night sleep before and bundle up for the big day.

Make sure to pack your scarves and gloves, you will need them if you visit any of these places. But if you like being cold, adventurous and courageous go and try them out! You won’t regret it.