Our List of Best Cities to Visit During Spring

Although SuperShuttle is known for its airport transportation, we also love the topic of travel. Since Spring is approaching, we thought we would share with you our list of spring vacations to take this year.
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New Orleans, Louisiana

This may sound like a pretty random place to visit during the spring time, but one of the main attractions to see is the New Orleans fashion week. It usually takes place the second to third week in March and it brings a lot of attention to the city. Of course you can do all of the New Orleans traditions like sipping coffee while eating a powdery beignet. Or if you are more of the adventurist type, take an airboat swamp tour. In this crazy town you will always be entertained.

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South Island, New Zealand

Prepare yourself for breathtaking views, outdoor adventures and beautiful waters, because in South Island New Zealand you get it all! South Island is pretty spread out, so plan according to what you would like to do the most. The northern part of the island is the largest wine growing region in all of New Zealand. You can go wine tasting, tour the wineries or just sip a glass and enjoy the beautiful scenery. If you want something a little more outgoing go to the northwest side of the Island and you will find the town of Nelson. Kayak your way to an extraordinary view or hike around the waters with fresh greenery. The choices really are endless on South Island, check out more attractions Newzealand South Island.

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Paris, France

Paris seems to make it on a lot of our lists, but that is because it is such a beautiful city full of history and fun that we have to add it again here! Take advantage of the weather in Paris at this time! Check out the new glass flooring on the first floor of the Eiffel tower or you can always head over to an outdoor terrace and enjoy some of France’s freshest dishes. Explore the history and take a museum tour and sight see on bike, boat or car. This city offers so much to any kind of traveler and you do not want to miss out on it.

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Lisse, Holland

The picture above is not an exaggeration of how pretty Holland is in the spring time! These Dutch Flowers grow all over the place and add a huge pop of color to the landscapes. Keukenhof is a beautiful park with the famous Dutch Flowers spread out everywhere! It truly looks like it is out of a fairytale book. Go during the spring time since this garden is not open all year and the flowers will be out of bloom if you go during the wrong season. There is also a Keukenhof castle tour that you can take after you explore all of the gardens. Enjoy this quaint town of Lisse!

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Kauai, Hawaii

Laid back, relaxed, chill are the three best words to describe Kauai. This island is by far the most “country” out of all the other islands Hawaii offers. Less of a tourist spot, but still lots of people from out of town come to enjoy this incredible island. The coolest part about this island is the diversity you can have on your trip and also the fact that you can visit any time of year and the weather will stay the same for the most part. One day you could be a beach bum, the next hike up steep hills and make it to a beautiful waterfall or the day after that you can educate yourself with Kauai’s rich history. Explore your options SuperShuttle Blog – Gohawaii Culture and soak up the sun on your next trip.