How Many Pieces of Luggage Can I Take on the SuperShuttle?

While booking your SuperShuttle you may have a few questions regarding your luggage. We like to stick to the standard airline rules of two carry-on items and two checked luggage pieces, since there potentially could be other passengers on your shuttle. As we know have too many pieces of luggage can be a hassle, follow these tips and you should be fine.

Carry-on Bags

Your two carry-on items should be small enough to keep on your lap or in between your feet on the floor. Examples would be a purse, laptop case, everyday backpack or small luggage that would be able to fit in the overhead compartments in an airplane. No extra fee will be applied to your carry-on items if you stick to the examples above.

Check Luggage

The whole reason for checking our luggage at the airport is because it’s usually too big to fit onboard. Follow the same checked bag rules that the airport requires when it comes to your SuperShuttle.

You are allowed to bring two bigger pieces of luggage with you on your SuperShuttle. Each bag must weigh less than 50 pounds and the proportions of your entire bag need to be less than 80 inches (length, width, and height.)

What if my luggage is too heavy or big?

If your checked luggage items are too large for the SuperShuttle, extra fees or exclusive reservations may apply. Call our customer service representatives to get an exact rate for extra bags, too large of baggage and more.

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