How Many Pieces of Luggage Can I Take on the SuperShuttle?

While booking your SuperShuttle you may have a few questions regarding your luggage, such as…How many bags can I bring with me? If I book shared-ride, will there be enough room if I have more than one bag? All of your luggage questions are answered here!

If you’re booking a shared-ride shuttle, we encourage our travelers to follow similar guidelines to those used by the airlines. Two pieces of luggage plus two personal items (or carry-on bags). Since there will likely be a few other passengers on your shuttle, you will share luggage and trunk space with other travelers. If you are traveling with more than two bags per person, we recommend that you consider reserving an exclusive, non stop shuttle. This way, you will have plenty of room for additional luggage!

Check out these tips to help guide you while planning your next trip:

Carry-on Bags

Your carry-on items should be small enough to keep on your lap or in between your feet on the floor. Examples include a purse, laptop case, everyday backpack or small shoulder bag that would be able to fit in the overhead compartments in an airplane. No extra fee will be applied to your carry-on items if you stick to the examples above.

Check Luggage

The reason for checking our luggage at the airport is because it’s usually too big to fit on-board. Follow the same checked bag rules that the airport requires when it comes to your SuperShuttle.

You are allowed to bring two standard pieces of luggage with you on your SuperShuttle. Each bag must weigh less than 50 pounds and the proportions of your entire bag need to be less than 80 inches (length, width, and height.)

What if I have too much luggage?

If your checked luggage items are too large for the SuperShuttle, you may encounter extra fees. If you are traveling with multiple pieces of luggage and need help determining whether your luggage count will be okay, call our customer service representatives to discuss your options at 1-800-BLUE-VAN.

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