When Should I Book My SuperShuttle?

SuperShuttle has been serving the public for over 30 years and one thing, among many, that makes us stand out verses other transportation options is our easy advanced booking process.

But some people will ask, when should I reserve a shuttle? The best time to reserve your ride to or from the airport would be 24 hours before your travel day or earlier. We suggest that booking at least a day in advance will guarantee your ride.

When booking consider these few things…

  • What time is my flight?
  • How many people are in my party?
  • Which shuttle choice is best for me and my party?

When all of the above questions are answered, you should get a pretty good idea on when you should book. When you book online or through the SuperShuttle app, there will be an estimated time of pick-up based on your flight information. If the pick-up time suits your travel needs, you can go ahead and book your shuttle and arrive to your destination in a timely manner.  *Remember the estimated time of pick-up is estimated, the driver has a 15 minute window to come pick you up. For added assurance, use our  app and the “locate my ride” feature to see your ride coming on the map.

It is always wise to book in advance, we advise not to book too late, since there may not be the time slot available for your flight time. Play it safe and book 24 hours in advance at the latest, this way you know you can have a secured ride to the airport.

We are glad to be your airport transportation option and when booking ahead, you also get to pay ahead and ultimately be ahead in your travel planning.

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