Our List of Top 5 Things to do in Long Beach

Is it time for your Long Beach Vacation?

Long Beach is such a great place to travel to for any kind of occasion! The weather is nice, the food is good and the locals are fun too. If you are traveling to Long Beach you definitely have to try some spots that are fun for everyone.

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Aquarium of the Pacific

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If you are traveling with kids or if it is just adults, you will enjoy this main attraction in Long Beach. This aquarium features all different types of animal species and several touch pools so you can interact with the animals. Feed the fish behind the scenes, go on a whale watching boat and much more at this adventurous aquarium!

The Queen Mary

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This ship/hotel is a must for anyone who visits Long Beach. The Queen Mary used to be a running ship back in the 1930’s and has evolved into a luxurious hotel and lavish dining spot. It is docked right by a popular place for festivals and concerts, so you can sit and enjoy all the live music offerings. Reserve your room, stay the night and experience what sea travel was like back in the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s. Fun Fact: If you decide to visit during October, they turn the boat into a haunted boat for a unique customer experience!

Alamitos Bay

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Admire the beauty of this marina, because it is one of a kind. Relax and watch the boats in the dock, take a stroll around the shops and all the restaurants that line the bay area. It’s also a great place to walk around or sit on the patio of one of the restaurants to watch the action or catch the breeze. If you want to be more courageous take a stab at paddle-boarding or kayaking. You might even be able to paddle-board next to a dolphin!

Rosie’s Dog Beach

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Let your doggies run free on this beach! Finally a beach for pet owners where the pets can roam leash free. Don’t have a dog? No problem, visit the beach and adopt one on the spot where they hold pet adoptions many days out of the year. Owners are required to clean up after their pets, so the beach can stay clean and enjoyable for everyone!

Gondola Rides

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Naples Island offers gondola rides for all types, whether you are a happy couple or fun family, these rides can be fun for everyone! The Gondola Getaway is a company that serves the Long Beach area in Naples Island and has many different options when it comes to booking your ride. Check them out Gondo Staff. Hungry? You can book a larger gondola that will serve you tasty pizza and variety appetizers! Book in advance because they fill up quick.