Minneapolis- St. Paul International Airport Re-imagined

Minneapolis- St. Paul International Airport is growing at a rapid pace and construction has started due to the influx of travelers to and from MSP. Some notable differences include construction walls, restaurants and stores closing, shifting roadways and different locations for security checkpoints.

Re-imagine Step 1

First on the list is construction on the outbound roadway at Terminal 1-Lindbergh. This roadway is changing to accommodate a hotel nearby and a new 5,000 space parking ramp. The new roadway system will accommodate drivers to connect to a new parking exit.

Also at Terminal 1, the ticketing and baggage claim areas will be revamped starting in June 2016. The reasoning behind the new areas is to provide more space for travelers and larger bag carousels to be able to accommodate the increased number of bags.

Following the Terminal 1 construction, Terminal 2 will join in by adding four new gates for more airplane traffic into MSP.

What does this mean for travelers?

Construction will affect the overall flow of traffic and congest certain terminals due to road closures and rerouting lanes. Signs will help travelers navigate, but expect to see an influx in people in certain confined areas.

Why is SuperShuttle updating me on this?

SuperShuttle services MSP and we want to keep you up to speed on the construction process. We also know how difficult it may be to get around, we can get you around that and drop you off curb side so you can avoid some of the obstacles. Check in for more updates coming soon…