Shared-Ride Etiquette Tips Revealed

Have you ever been on a shared-ride with SuperShuttle? The shared-ride concept is simple but some passengers aren’t sure what to expect while on the shuttle with other riders.

Put your worries aside and follow these steps to ace your shared-ride experience.



With your shared-ride, you will be picked up at a designated time that best fits your flight schedule. Other passengers will be picked up as well. For passenger etiquette, if you are the first one to be picked up, try sitting in the back of your shuttle. This way when more passengers board, they can slide right in and you can avoid getting up and moving out of someone’s way.



Talking on the phone while riding with a group can often be considered disruptive to others. Try to avoid phone conversations on the shared-ride shuttle. Texting is a better option; it is less distracting to the other riders and is much quieter. Also if you are making conversation with the guest next to you and they just aren’t into it, end the conversation on a good note and don’t take it personal. Some people enjoy meeting strangers and sparking up a conversation, others like their own space and would rather ride quietly. Whatever kind of person you are, it will be good for the shared-ride.



Be prepared to sit by a stranger on your ride, just like you would on an airplane. The seats on a SuperShuttle are the standard size of any vehicle seats, so not too much wiggle room. Try and keep all of your personal belongings and body parts within your seat limits. This way you can ride without the awkward arm touch of a stranger next to you.



The SuperShuttle is a space where all smells are transferred, just like any other vehicle. Try and save that sauerkraut sandwich for later when you are not in a confined space. Also if you are wearing heavy perfume, it could distract other riders as well. Play it safe and wear fresh clean clothes and avoid smelly foods while on the ride.



Remember, that the shared-ride is convenient for all travelers and they are making everyone’s commute more affordable. Be kind to the other passengers, make small talk if necessary and enjoy the company of others. Our shared-ride service is a great place to make conversation, or take a little snooze to or from the airport.